Foreign Correspondent

Each month, The Criterion Collection drops their latest slate of releases, which leaves us weeping for the beating our bank account will be taking. And while the DVD world in general has seen both sales and prices fall as customers turn toward digital, the boutique label still thrives selling physical discs, at a premium price. But it's not just content that drives the cost of The Criterion Collection releases, but the often meticulous work that goes into restoring a film from a battered print into a high def Blu-ray platter.

And that process has been explored by the folks over at Gizmodo who have a released a rather fascinating short film on the subject. Technical director Lee Kline, along with the rest of the Criterion team, take viewers through the steps of restoring Alfred Hitchcock's "Foreign Correspondent," from the various problems that can arise and how they get fixed before the movie gets the wacky C stamp. For tech heads it's fascinating stuff, and for anyone who ever wanted a peek behind the scenes, it's well worth a watch.

Take a look below and the next time you drop some serious coin on a Criterion release, you'll at least feel good knowing the care that went into it.