On the one hand, the chance to watch Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford chew scenery and growl at each other is one that shouldn't be passed up.  But man, is sitting through "Paranoia" going to be worth it?

The first trailer for the thriller led by Liam Hemsworth (as a bonafide Brooklynite, lol) is here, and it looks both glossy and pretty dumb. Anyway, in the first let's-reveal-every-plot-twist trailer, we see Not Thor play a young kid who decides to take the quick ride to the top by spying on a rival company for his boss. Of course, he gets in over his head, but not without first sleeping with Amber Heard, though he eventually has to deal with the guy from "Lost" and lots of high tech stuff. Also, a dying father adds some emotionz we suppose. Oy.

Again, maybe this will be worth it for the Ford/Oldman factor? "Paranoia" sets in on August 16th.