Third Person

Liam Neeson's cinematic skills are boundless. He's punched vaguely foreign dudes who messed with his life and family (twice already, with "Taken 3" on the way), punched dudes trying to mess with his head ("Unknown"), punched wolves ("The Grey") and punched dudes trying to frame him on airplanes ("Non-Stop"). But how he's taking those fists and getting literary in "Third Person" playing a grizzled... novelist.

A new clip from the movie has dropped, and it's Neeson doing something we don't witness him doing often these days: being relaxed. He plays a writer in the film who is carrying on an affair with Olivia Wilde because she looks like Olivia Wilde. But their relationship is in trouble as they figure out what the next step is beyond sleeping with each other. And it's just one thread in an ensemble piece of thematically related stories featuring James Franco, Mila Kunis, Adrien Brody, Kim Basinger and more. It's not very good.

"Third Person" opens on June 20th.