Lizzy Caplan Fashion Film skip

We love Lizzy Caplan, but then who doesn’t? It’s pretty hard not to. She was awesome in one of the best comedies of the last decade (“Mean Girls”), similarly awesome in one of the best sitcoms of the last decade (“Party Down”), and has continued to impress in interesting projects ever since. We’re looking forward to seeing her alongside another favorite of ours, Michael Sheen, in Showtime’s intriguing looking “Masters of Sex” later this year. But today we have an unexpected bonus dose of Caplan with the online short, “Fashion Film.”

You can watch the short below, which was directed by Matthew Frost, and as you’ll see, it is actually a commercial for the Viva Vena brand. It serves as a pretty great spoof, effectively poking fun at some of the clichés you’d normally see in this kind of thing, and predictably Caplan’s great in it too. We particularly enjoyed that Caplan’s character likes to think to herself in French, and that she likes to collect things because she’s good at it. We’re not quite sure how an ad like this helps promote the brand because…oh wait, it’s got Lizzy Caplan in and it’s great and we’re writing about it. Well played, Viva Vena, well played. [IndieWire]