Love Is Strange
Sony Pictures Classics "Love is Strange"

One of the Best Films Of Sundance 2014, and from filmmaker Ira Sachs who has steadily been making a name for himself thanks to efforts like "Forty Shades Of Blue" and "Keep The Lights On," "Love Is Strange" is one that those of us not fortunate enough to catch it at Sundance have been waiting for. And the first trailer has arrived.

Starring John Lithgow and Alfred Molina—#truedetectiveseason3 and add whoever else you want, thx HBO—the story follows Ben and George, a newly married couple who have been together for decades. But their lives are torn apart when George loses his job, forcing the pair to find temporary housing. George moves in with the neighbor downstairs, while Ben heads to Brooklyn to stay with his nephew. And the arrangement presents all sorts of challenges in a film that we called out of Sundance, a "finely performed and beautifully crafted love story."

"Love Is Strange" arrives on August 22nd.