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Watch: Magic & Monsters In 2 Clips From '47 Ronin'

by Cain Rodriguez
November 19, 2013 10:20 AM
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47 Ronin,

With production first beginning in 2011, it’s an understatement to say that Carl Rinsch’s 3D samurai epic “47 Ronin” is a long time coming. A little over a month separates us from the Keanu Reeves-starring film, and to ease the wait, Universal Pictures has released two new clips from the film.

First up is a clip under a minute long and features Rinko Kikuchi and a speech about “rivers of blood” and “mountains of corpses” while an evil ritual is performed. The second clip centers on Hiroyuki Sanada’s search for Reeves’ half-breed character, who he finds fighting a massive, hideous monster covered in scars. As Rinsch told us during our set visit many moons ago, this is essentially "Kurosawa on meth."

Anyway, the film retells the legendary Japanese tale of disgraced and masterless samurai—the titular ronin—that spent over a year plotting their revenge against the corrupt court official that was responsible for the actions that led to their master’s sentence of seppuku. “47 Ronin” finally hits a theater near you on Christmas Day. Watch the two clips below.

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1 Comment

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    I wanna watch it.

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