Voorman Problem

The shorts categories at the Oscars can sometimes be a breeding ground for future talented feature-length filmmakers with past winners including “Fish Tank” director Andrea Arnold and “In Bruges” helmer Martin McDonagh. Over the weekend, this year’s nominees for Best Live-Action Short Film hit selected theaters and a clip from one of the starrier efforts — via USA Today — has arrived to whet your appetite.

Starring Martin Freeman and directed by Mark Gill,The Voorman Problem” centers on “a prison psychiatrist who is brought in to analyze an inmate (Tom Hollander) who believes he is God.” The minute-long clip features Freeman beginning to broach the limits of Hollander’s delusion and points to the short film as being a crackling two-hander. You can catch “The Voorman Problem” in selected theaters right now as part of the Live-Action Short Film showcase alongside the four other nominees. Watch the clip below.