The Wolf Of Wall Street

While they'll have to wait until Oscar night to see if there's more to celebrate, the folks behind "The Wolf Of Wall Street" can go ahead a raise a glass anyway, as the film has crossed $300 million worldwide, becoming the biggest hit of Martin Scorsese's career. And the talent behind the film are doing one last push to get the word out.

Director Martin Scorsese recently stopped by "Conan" and, naturally, the discussion turned toward the use of quaaludes in the film. And while Scorsese revealed they hired an on-set expert to help coach Leonardo DiCaprio about what it's like taking the drug, the director had some first hand experience (back in the day) too. "35 years ago. At that time they were legal, and I was actually prescribed a quaalude for fear of flying," he explained. "And when you took this pill—like for a five hour flight—you didn't care where you were. Finally, it wound down by time you landed, thankfully, because you wanted to hug everybody and that sort of thing. You were crying…" Kind of amazing.

Meanwhile overseas, Matthew McConaughey visited "The Graham Norton Show" where he revealed the origins of his chest beating chant in 'Wall Street.' It's actually something the actor does himself to prepare for a scene, and we'll let him explain how it made it into the movie. 

Check out both interview clips below.