Underrated Scorsese

What are you doing this weekend? Some of us may need a palate cleanser from the Sundance Film Festival frankly, maybe a dose of something completely different from indie films that sometimes devolve into dark & miserable or over-quirked clichés (see some of them here). What to watch? Vimeo user Super Frog Saves Tokyo suggested the work of Martin Scorsese by uploading this excellent and engaging quick-cut tribute to the films of Marty.

They’re all there, from the underrated early works like “Who’s That Knocking At My Door” and “Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore,” the obvious classics (“Raging Bull,” “Taxi Driver”), the oddly wonderful middle works (“The King Of Comedy,” “After Hours”) and the more current pictures culminating with the recent F-bomb-laden “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Which one would we watch? Well, if you wanna know what we think of Scorsese, you should read our recent retrospective on the filmmaker, where we grade each and every one of his films. Video below. [via Rope Of Silicon]