Collateral Skyfall

Growing up it was all about watching a film on mute and pairing it with the perfect album, trying to synchronize a scene or entire movie with a song or full-length record. Nowadays, mashups are ubiquitous, and the similarities between film, art, and music prominently fill up the pages of the web and social media nearly everyday.

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In this new 6-minute video from Michael McIennan, he concentrates on the visual similarities between the climax to Michael Mann’s thrilling 2004 “Collateral” and the Shanghai sequence of Sam Mendes’ “Skyfall” from 2012. The video is edited so the films transpire at once, with scenes re-ordered, but it serves to highlight the haunting parallel scores and brilliant silhouetted work from inimitable cinematographers Roger Deakins (“Skyfall”) and Dion Beebee (“Collateral”).

The mashup is best watched with headphones on as its creator recommends in his introduction; you certainly get the most out of it that way, not to mention the eerie, unforgettable dialogue.

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