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Watch: Massive 3-Hour Documentary On The Making Of James Cameron's 'Aliens'

by Jason McDonald
July 29, 2013 11:23 AM
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If you’re the kind of person that loves to work Newt’s infamous “They mostly come out at night…Mostly” line into every conversation that you can, you might think you’re pretty well-versed in the world of James Cameron’s “Aliens.”  Since the film’s release in 1986 there have been plenty of interviews, documentaries, and discussions given about the sci-fi classic, but none are as comprehensive as the one you can view below.

In this three hour long (yikes!) documentary, you’ll learn just about everything you could ever want to know about “Aliens.”  Entitled “Superior Firepower: The Making of ‘Aliens,’” and originally included in the 2003 DVD release of “Aliens,” this documentary will take you behind-the-scenes of the film with footage taken during the filming and will guide you through Cameron’s meticulous filmmaking process with interviews from cast and crew.  

The interviews also unearth some great horror/humorous tales from the making of the film. For instance, when Ripley climbs into the Power Loader, she’s actually sitting on the lap of the guy who is really moving the Loader. So the crew thought it would be funny to place a device that they could inflate underneath Ripley’s seat, so when she sat down it would spring up causing her to think that the puppeteer was getting a boner. So yes, this goes very in depth — clear your afternoon of appointments and watch below. [No Film School]

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  • Northern Star | July 29, 2013 8:32 PMReply

    Whoever uploaded this doc online hopefully will upload the extraordinary doc about 'Alien 3'... now THAT'S a 'making of' for the ages!

  • Jackson | July 29, 2013 1:14 PMReply

    Is this NOT included on the blu-ray release?

  • Glass | July 29, 2013 2:58 PM

    Indeed it IS. The Alien3 doc is easily the most interesting of the series - it tells all about Fincher's fights with the studio, the trainwreck production he inherited, script issues, etc.

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