Matthew Broderick Ferris Bueller

At home sick from work today but...secretly playing hooky? Well, this one will feel extra special.

Reprising his role from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" -- one of the greatest skipping school movies of all time -- Matthew Broderick returns as the titular hero, this time dodging his agent instead of his principal. The result is a pretty great two-and-a-half-minute Honda commericial for the Super Bowl which has landed online before the big game and it's definitely worth a moment on your next coffee break. This time around Ferris cruises around in a Honda CR-V instead of a 1961 Ferrari GT, with stops along the way including a museum, a shady valet and of course, a Chinatown dance party. It's a pretty nifty little spot, watch below. [via Moviefone]