"True Detective"
HBO "True Detective"

A dark, intense drama led by two of Hollywood's most acclaimed actors, helmed by an arthouse fave director, "True Detective" is one of our most anticipated projects for 2014 no matter what size of screen it's being shown on. And in the cold grip of winter, there might be no better place than your couch to tune in to what promises to be a pretty charged piece of entertainment.

A new teaser has landed for "True Detective," and it's a mix of old and fresh footage all while serving as a reminder that this isn't one to be missed. The limited series follows a pair of detectives who continually cross paths during a 17-year manhunt for a Louisiana serial killer in what looks like a procedural that's disturbing, strange and intense. And behind the camera shaping it all is "Sin Nombre" and "Jane Eyre" director Cary Fukunaga, who looks to be bringing a cinematic eye to the material. Yup, we can't wait.

"True Detective" arrives on January 12th. Watch below.

True Detective (skip crop)