Crystal Fairy

Getting ready to take the Sundance Film Festival by storm in just a few days, Michael Cera will be offering up two distinctly different movies in Park City, both directed by "The Maid" helmer Sebastian Silva: the thriller "Magic Magic" and the drug hazed "Crystal Fairy." The first peek of the latter has quietly arrived online, and it's promising stuff.

In the film, Cera plays Jamie, an American traveling in Chile who plans to travel north with his friends to try out a hallucinogenic cactus. He invites a woman to join them, Crystal Fairy, and of course, nothing quite goes as planned. In these two clips, we get some distinctly different looks at Jamie. In the first, he's clearly having a hard time as he's tripping out and in the second, an encounter with a couple of prostitutes leads to an unexpected proposition.

"Crystal Fairy" screens on the first day of the fest, so we'll know soon enough if it works. No U.S. distribution for this one yet. Watch below.