As we noted in our review for "Shame" earlier today, while Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan deserve every bit of praise for their performances in the film, a special hat tip needs to be given to Lucy Walters. And well, we're glad to see she's given her due in this new red band clip for the movie.

While not as smutty as some might have hoped (sorry ladies, no Fassy wang) the brief spot is centered around a key, but brief sequence that plays a vital role in the film. In "Shame," among many of Brandon's conquests there is one that one that goes to an unexpected place. Without saying too much, Brandon's primal sexual energy -- as well as his deep, soul-ravaging emptiness -- are conveyed in these scenes in which, to put it delicately, he eye fucks the hell out of this woman. Cut that in with a quick tour of Brandon's extra curricular activities and you have another haunting intro to Steve McQueen's unforgettable film. But that subway scene wouldn't work without Walters, who matches Fassbender with an equally smart turn, one that requires trasmitting a wealth of emotions without saying a word.

"Shame" opens in limited release this weekend, and will slowly roll out across the country (doesn't that sound erotic?). See when it comes to your city right here. Watch below. [Embed via ComingSoon]