Michel Gondry Video Store

A few days ago, we showed you a new trailer for Michel Gondry’s latest project, Mood Indigo, which delighted us no end. But now here’s something equally short and sweet for fans -- a guided tour of Gondry’s neighborhood VHS rental shop in Paris featuring the filmmaker himself. And it's no surprise that the director of "Be Kind Rewind" is a fan of old-school video rentals.

In the clip, he points out films and artists that have served as inspiration for him, including Georges Méliès, Jim Jarmusch and Wim Wenders. Gondry has always been an affable personality, and that shines through here as well, as he gives a window into the personal side of his passion.

The project is titled “A Cinephile’s Labyrinth” and comes from filmmaker Tiffany Limos at Nowness. Check it out for some serious rental store nostalgia. We would say go support your local shop -- but is there even one left standing where you are? Watch below. [via FirstShowing]

Michel Gondry: A Cinephile's Labyrinth on Nowness.com.