Do you remember "Pinkberry: The Movie"? No? Well, you can watch it below, but it was a viral video made a couple years back featuring Miles Fisher as a powerful executive at the agency WME imploring his employees to come up with the next wave movie idea. The result? That's right, a movie based on everyone's favorite frozen snack. It was a pretty fun and witty insider jab at the industry that is hungry for the next big thing, and now a followup has arrived.

"Staff Meeting: The Movie" finds Fisher back in the conference room, and this time latching onto what he feels will be the next hot trend: viral videos about industry staff meetings. It's a bit more inside baseball than 'Pinkberry' but still worth a watch, as it does contain some pretty big laughs. The've upped the star quotient this time around with Charlize Theron, Shawn Levy and screenwriter Max Landis ("Chronicle") all popping up (the cut-to scene for the latter is pretty hilarious). There is also a pretty great dig at Deadline and it all wraps up with a bit of a meta ending.

It's worth a spin as you end your day today. Watch both videos below. [THR]