Filth James McAvoy

While the much-discussed "Trainspotting" sequel remains a distant hope -- not shooting until 2016 at least, if it all comes together -- there's another Irvine Welsh adaptation coming along that should provide ample booze, pills, sex, general raunchiness and moral depravity to fill any need you might have. "Filth" has dropped yet another red band trailer and it continues to look perfectly wrong and outrageous.

James McAvoy takes the lead and owns it, playing Bruce Robertson, a bigoted, drug-fuelled, sex crazed, Scottish police officer more interested in pursuing his own various vices than actual cases. And thus this man of the law spends his time popping pills, chasing women, wreaking havoc with this colleagues (Eddie Marsan tripping balls is pretty hilarious) and more. It all looks perfectly off the wall, yet controlled and with an excellent supporting cast in place -- Jim Broadbent, Jamie Bell, Imogen Poots -- we really can't wait to see if it all works.

But we'll have to be patient. While "Filth" opens overseas starting on September 27th, there's still no domestic distributor or date. Watch below.

Filth James McAvoy Eddie Marsan
Filth James McAvoy
Filth James McAvoy Jamie Bell
Filth James McAvoy Imogen Poots
Filth Jamie Bell James McAvoy
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