Ryan Gosling Cornwall

There was a time when famous, hunky actor Ryan Gosling was just another regular Mouseketeer. But even at that young age, Gosling was showing off more charm than the screen could contain. And thanks to someone having the foresight to tape it, and then never erase it, a document from this bygone era has survived.

Behold: Mousketeer Ryan Gosling giving his fans a tour of his stomping grounds of Cornwall, Ontario. That's right, Gosling is a good ol' Canadian boy. And here we see him playing with his dog Smidgen, taking part in ye olde Canuck pasttime of hockey, playing the bongos and then doing an impromptu dance video in the ruins of a chapel (really). And then there's Cornfest – you can't forget Cornfest. This all pretty awesomely '90s and a pretty good early showcase of the skills that would see this kid grow out of his mouse ears. Watch below. [Huffington Post]