JJ Abrams

For the legions who devour every Twitter fart, set photo, catering menu and shoot location news, here's a reminder that sometimes, it's just nice for something to drop out of the blue to tease audiences. The master of secrecy, J.J. Abrams, has just dropped a mystery teaser trailer to the folks over at EW, and what's it for? Well, it's a safe guess it's not "Star Wars: Episode 7."

Running just over a minute long, the tease for the Bad Robot affiliated project shows a man stumbling around in the rain, eventually revealing a face with a stitched up mouth. We suppose we could trawl IMDB and figure out what Bad Robot production this might be, but that would take away half the fun (okay, we did try that, but at first glance nothing popped out). So what is it? Web series? TV show? Something as yet unannounced? Watch and then let us know your hypothesis below.