Thor Natalie Portman

The Marvel train is now on full throttle, and even when a movie isn't in theaters, it's arriving on DVD or there's news about the next superhero flick or there's something else to check out. You have to hand it to the studio, they've developed the brand into something that's always somewhere in the pop culture sphere, and it's something that helped "The Avengers" become a massive worldwide phenomenon. And so even though the Marvel Phase One box set was delayed, the savvy folks at the company have turned yesterday's announcement of a new release date into an opportunity to keep talking about "Thor."

Wait, why "Thor"? Well, "Thor: The Dark World" is now shooting, so why not serve up fans a deleted scene from the first movie? And that's just what they've done, dropping an alternate ending of sorts. Basically, at the conclusion of "Thor," our Viking hero was in Asgard getting all emo about Jane Foster, as a beam of light from Earth travels through space over the end credits. In this scene below, we learn it was Jane herself sending the ultimate message in a bottle across the galaxy. Aww.

It's just one of the tidbits that will be included in the Marvel Phase One set when it drops next spring on April 2nd. Check out the clip below. [Collider]