If yesterday's latest tease for Lars von Trier's sex drama "Nymphomaniac"—featuring Shia LaBeouf, Stacy Martin and a lot of flesh—didn't raise the temperature, well there's still much more to come. Today comes the latest tease for the movie with brand new footage from chapter making its way online.

From what was revealed on Thursday we know that this chapter centers on Joe, who believes that "Love is just lust with jealousy added." That is until she meets Jerome, one of the "forces penetrating her armoured defences." Indeed. Thus this new clip sees LaBeouf with a British accent (?) quietly stalling an elevator, probably to get closer to Martin. It's another curious peek at a film that has so far crossed off trains and offices as romantic locations. Of course, with six more chapters to go, who knows where Lars will take it next.

"Nymphomaniac" hits Denmark on Christmas Day and we continue to wait for Magnolia Releasing to reveal when they'll drop it on this side of the ocean.