The journey that started this past spring at the Cannes Film Festival capped off with an appearance last night at AFI Film Festival as Alexander Payne's "Nebraska" gears up to start rolling out in theaters soon. And in both the south of France and in sunny California, it was Bruce Dern who was the center of attention. He took home Best Actor on the Croisette and before the screening of the film last night, AFI Fest showed a special tribute reel to the man, with one very special guest introducing it.

A fired up Quentin Tarantino hit the stage with his usual boundless energy and a fistful of paper with his speech written down. And he gave some pretty emphatic praise for Dern (whom he cast in small role in "Django Unchained"), both contextualizing his place in cinematic history and explaining what made him such a special actor. And it's followed by a pretty nice sizzle reel of Dern's memorable work across an impressive career. But before that is a new clip from Payne's film, one that highlights it's unique tone in a tale of old man on quest for the sweepstakes millions he didn't actually win.

"Nebraska" is in theaters on Friday, November 22nd.