Looper Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Sick of movie marketing, and want to stay fresh before you see "Looper" in theaters? Take Rian Johnson's advice that he dispensed on Twitter yesterday: "If you're already set on seeing 'Looper,' I'd avoid any trailers from here on out. They don't ruin the movie, but they tip a few little things." So be warned: you can't unwatch anything, but if you're curious, then let's continue...

Following the international trailer yesterday, a domestic spot has landed, and it's every bit as impressive, showing that Johnson seems to have lived up to the ambitious premise he set forth for himself. To recap: the film tells the story of a hitman, whose clients get transported to him from the future for a quick disposal. But his world is turned upside down when one of the men sent back is his future-self. Yes, it's all a bit mind-bending, and we'll see how that tricky, twisty narrative thread unspools, but there is no doubt Johnson is going to try to make it a helluva ride. Visually, this thing looks great and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, wearing prosthetics and using a voice that sounds like Giovanni Ribisi caught in a blender, is nearly unrecognizable in the lead role. Wrap it all up in sci-fi paper, and we're like kids at Christmas.

Co-starring Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt, Jeff Daniels and more, "Looper" opens on September 28th. Watch below.