Pacific Rim Jaeger footage

Oh summer, it isn’t enough that you bring scorching heat outside but you also bring scorching heat -- in the form of fireballs hurtling at your face in 3D -- to the inside. That’s right folks, in case you didn’t notice the two sequels leading the box office this week, tentpole season is here and the studios have turned the screws on the marketing machines for two of the biggest gambles this summer.

Despite all of its CG-wizardy, Guillermo Del Toro’s “Pacific Rim” remains very much a risky proposition. It isn’t based on a previously-existing -- and easily marketable -- property and it has no real stars in the cast unless you count Idris Elba (Stringer Bell!). In order to gather the mainstream audience up to speed -- because let’s face it, if you’re a Del Toro fan, you’re already in -- Warner Bros. has dropped a featurette (via IGN) that further elucidates how the two pilots of the Jaegers work together in piloting the giant robots and how they deal with the neural bridge that links the pilots together. If you’re still confused by the rules of the universe the featurette is a pretty good primer with some of the same footage we’ve seen in the latest trailer. “Pacific Rim” rams into theaters on July 12th.

And finally, a trio of new TV spots have dropped online for the much-talked-about movie of the summer -- for all of the wrong reasons -- “World War Z.” They're not revealing all that much more than what we know of the film, or making us any more convinced that we should go see it, for that matter. But for those curious, you can watch the whole shebang below and we’ll all wait to see how well Paramount turned things around when “World War Z” shuffles into theaters on June 21st. [Coming Soon]