Adele Skyfall Single Artwork Header

If you thought Bond Day was over or that the team behind "Skyfall" were done making you listen to Adele's theme song, guess again. With the official tune dropping yesterday and being very well received (it's certainly the best theme in recent memory), the marketing machine continues today.

A new "Skyfall" trailer is here and it removes the sounds of all those distracting explosions and dialogue and lets Adele herself sing you the story (metaphorically, it seems). So you'll just have to watch as stuff blows up and Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem coolly walk around the impeccably shot frames by Sam Mendes. But hey, it works, and the song itself lends it all a certain amount of dramatic gravitas. Anyway, it's Friday afternoon so it's worth a quick spin. "Skyfall" opens on October 26th in the U.K. and November 9th stateside.