Trailer For Ridley Scott's Prometheus

With all the talk of the rumors and news about the "Blade Runner" sequel/prequel/whatever and Ridley Scott's Cormac McCarthy-penned "The Counselor" we kind of forgot about "Prometheus." But Fox didn't and just to remind you this film is still coming, a new viral clip of sorts has arrived.

Yesterday, rumors flew around that Guy Pearce would be playing Peter Weyland in the film and well, as it turns out, he is. In this TED Talk the honcho behind the outfit more commonly known as The Company goes ahead and explains what exactly Prometheus refers to, in case you didn't go to high school, or are unaware of common points of reference. It's a bit gradiose (and dry) and thankfully this clip, directed by Luke Scott, won't be appearing in the actual film. And to be fair, "Prometheus" does need some explicating for the non-hardcore audience so assume this fits the bill. This little video also reveals that the story is set in 2023 -- you'll remember that "Alien" took place in 2122 while "Aliens" and "Alien 3" were set in 2179.

Anyway, give it a watch below and let Guy Pearce and his greasy hair hammer home every single thematic point in case you didn't get it. "Prometheus" opens on June 8th.