Fast & Furious 6 Vin Diesel Michelle Rodriguez

BROS! Can you believe it? School's almost out and summer's almost here, which means: bros, babes, beers, BBQ...and some vehicular warfare.

So, yo peep this new trailer. This movie looks fucking sick dawg, cuz like, check it: tanks, a jet and a car jumping out of a jet, and did you see that car with, like, a damn ramp on it that totally flips that cop car over? Shit. AND OH SNAP IS LETTY BACK? I thought she was dead? Guess we'll have to watch the other "Fast & Furious" movies again -- marathon at my house guys! Don't worry dudes, my Mom is totes cool with a sleepover -- she makes swag smores. After you watch the trailer, check my boy Vin totes 'splainin' the new movie, cuz damn, this mythology runs deep y'all. Dom Toretto has been through a lot, you feel me? Gotta have respect.

So yo, let's get some tickets this week for May 24th. I think my Mom has to drive my little bro to soccer practice, but after that I'm pretty sure she'll drop us off at the mall. Which reminds me -- is it cool if I bring that girl from Sunglass Hut?