With two and a half months to go until the release of Epic,” Blue Sky has dropped another trailer for the film that includes a few new reveals -- but quick cuts to ornate nature scenes viewed on a laptop likely don't do justice to their intended 3D glory.

Notable changes to the trailer include the switching out of Snow Patrol’s moody “The Lightning Strike,” which accompanied the first two previews. What is evidently Danny Elfman’s score replaces it, and though the music is adequate, its effect on the trailer is somewhat less distinctive. Viewers are treated to Beyoncé’s voice for the first time, sounding appropriately regal as Queen Tara. There’s also an evil shark-face riding atop a mole, leaf people riding aback hummingbirds, and a majestic tree in peril. Some of the story elements are looking so “Fern Gully”/ “Avatar”-esque it has us wondering whether it is possible to tell an eco-story without focusing on mountable creatures and noble trees, but we’ll wait to see what else “Epic” brings on May 24th.

So far, we’ve heard snippets of Beyoncé, Amanda Seyfried, Josh Hutcherson, Colin Farrell, Aziz Ansari, Christoph Waltz and Steven Tyler, but we’re still waiting to hear from Judah Friedlander, Blake Anderson and Pitbull. Actors and performers from all walks wanted in on this film, but it remains to be seen whether audiences will share their enthusiasm. [Live For Films]