Girls Lena  Dunham Jemima Kirke

It's hard to argue that in 2012, there were few people on television (Charlie Sheen aside perhaps, but for different reasons) who were as talked about as "Girls" writer/actor/producer Lena Dunham. The brains behind HBO's breakout hit show, Dunham has had a tremendous year all around and Time Magazine has taken notice. They've named her The Coolest Person Of The Year.

Dunham is the first woman to take the honor with Joel Stein picking Ryan Gosling last year, and James Franco in 2010. And indeed, the Time piece recaps just how much Dunham has accomplished this year in addition to launching "Girls," including making a multi-million dollar book deal, making an ad for the Obama campaign and earning 4 Emmy nominations as well. Of course, this will be further fuel for those who despise Dunham, but fans will be pleased to see the young, rising talent ending 2012 on a high note.... she starts 2013 firmly striding foward. "Girls" season 2 lands on January 13th, and just in time for the holidays, a new teaser has dropped with a montage of scenes from the new episodes. Take a look below, and if you're still wondering what all the fuss is about, "Girls" season 1 is now on home video.