Deliver Us From Evil

The horror genre is continually trying to find new ways to scare audiences, and often that means twisting conventions into new shapes. So the idea of a fright flick in the guise of a cop movie is at least a pretty interesting one, even if the result still kinda looks like your usual exorcism/demon/creature movie.

A new international trailer has arrived for "Deliver Us From Evil," with Sony hoping it'll bring in horror heads this summer. Eric Bana, Edgar Ramírez and Olivia Munn star in this tale that follows an Irish Catholic NYPD detective who, while working on a murder case, runs into a renegade priest who believes demonic elements may be in the mix. And the cop was right as no shortage of scary looking things lurk in shadows in this movie where it always seems to be raining. Behind the camera is Scott Derickson ("Sinister," "Exorcism of Emily Rose") whose resume speaks for itself.

"Deliver Us From Evil" arrives July 2nd. Watch below.