Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Damn, we keep forgetting this movie exists or is even coming to theaters, mostly because we're not nine years old. But alas, the sequel "Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters" is on the way, and a new trailer is here to convince this story of looking for magical fabric is going to be one you'll want to spend your hard-earned money on.

Anyway, Logan Lerman is back to play the son of Poseidon in another movie of dodgy CGI, featuring the ever present Stanley Tucci (seriously, is this guy on speed dial for every B-movie franchise out there?), in the saga that will find a group of young kids on a worldwide adventure to save Camp Half-Blood. If you know what that is, great. If you don't, then you're as lost as we are. A summer release date suggests Fox thinks they will have a hit on their hands, but was anyone asking for this movie? Could it seriously look any cheaper than it already does? Golden fleece?

In a year of inessential sequels ("Red 2") this might be the most inessential. Or maybe you're looking forward to this? If so, we presume you'll be among the crowd when this opens on August 7th.