Oz The Great And Powerful Mila Kunis James Franco Behind The Scenes

Much of the mystery surrounding Sam Raimi’s upcoming “Oz The Great and Powerful” seems to have dissipated. With two trailers that pretty clearly delineated the story and provided a generous glimpse at the film’s look, all that’s left is to see the darn thing! But, with over a month to go until the theatrical release, marketing still needs to drum up some more interest, and has apparently resorted to labeling a recycled, condensed trailer as a new “first look.” The new TV spot aired during the SAG Awards, and unless we’re mistaken, there’s nothing here that we didn’t see in the second trailer.

More promising is a new short teaser for an ad to air during the Super Bowl, so maybe Disney will decide to release some actual new footage then. For the time being, Oz fiends can snack on two behind-the-scenes photos of James Franco and Mila Kunis below. No new images of Michelle Williams or Rachel Weisz for now.

Lucky for Disney, we’re still anxious to see how they’ve combined top-of-the-line effects, a star-studded cast and a beloved tale. We’ll be there when 'Oz' drops into theaters on March 8th.

Oz The Great And Powerful James Franco Sam Raimi Behind The Scenes