While Stephen King has made his feelings about Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining" quite clear, he's yet to weigh in on a second version of "Carrie." He apparently is fine with Brain De Palma version, but is Kimberly Peirce simply treading over familiar ground or putting her stamp on it?

Well, we still have a wait yet to find out, but a new TV spot and Japanese trailer are here for the R-rated film (which seems important to some people). Chloe Moretz leads the pack as the bullied teen, with Julianne Moore as her psycho Mom, and Judy Greer as a concerned schoolteacher. But of course the concern is misplaced because they push comes to shove, if you go over that line with Carrie, she will destroy everything in her path.

"Carrie" misses her curfew on October 18th. [JoBlo]