The Young Ones

It’s a dystopian near-future, water has run dry and America’s in a debilitating drought. That’s what sets the stage for Jake Paltrow’s new picture “Young Ones.” But it’s actually from many accounts, including our own review, more of a morality drama with a patriarchal struggle for power. The movie stars Michael Shannon as a father trying to protect his land and family. His children are played by Elle Fanning and Kodi Smit-McPhee, and Nicholas Hoult plays a young man with his eye on more than just the previous land the father owns.

We described it as having both Spielberg-ian and Bresson-ian elements to it—the latter expressed through a dilapidated anthropomorphic robot perhaps not unlike the poor donkey in “Au Hasard Balthazar.” And I dunno about you, but any movie that can carefully balance those two filmmakers successfully is something I’d wanna see.

The movie will be released via Screen Media, and hit U.S. theaters on October 17th. A new trailer has arrived too and you can watch that below. If you’re very curious, make sure to check out the two, already-released international trailers as well. [Vulture]