Cuban Fury

What's one way to a woman's heart? Dancing, apparently. And that's pretty much the entire drive behind the upcoming British comedy "Cuban Fury," with the first trailer arriving this morning hoping that its moves are enough to make you interested to see this.

Nick Frost leads the movie as an inept, overweight regular dude who falls for the new American girl at the office, played by Rashida Jones. When he learns she loves salsa dancing, he starts taking lessons, meeting a gay dude who waxes his balls and Ian McShane who teaches him how to dodge a ball the secrets he needs to know to succeed. Add in Chris O'Dowd as Frost's co-worker and antagonist and it all adds up a movie that's pretty conventional all around, with Frost enduring no measure of humiliations, getting hit both in the face and in the junk in the span of this trailer.

Maybe not for us, but if you're interested it opens in the U.K. on Valentine's Day. No U.S. date yet.