Jessica Chastain Manifesto

While we continue to wait patiently for "Only God Forgives," Nicolas Winding Refn seems to be spending a good part of his 2012 shooting beautiful women in fashion spots. Nice work if you get it. As you know, he's already dropped his Gucci ad with Blake Lively (watch here) and now he's gone over to Yves Saint Laurent for another gig.

Jessica Chastain stars this time, and as usual, these things are more about feeling than narrative coherence. So, on that level, Refn has definitely created something sensual for Manifesto. After the advert, you can check out the behind-the-scenes, making-of video to see Refn and Chastain in action on set. Will this lead to a feature collaboration down the road? Let's hope so. Anyway, give it a spin below. [Celebrity-Gossip]