The Paperboy Zac Efron Matthew McConaughey Nicole Kidman David Oyelowo

Well, if anything, Lee Daniels' much-talked-about "The Paperboy" will at least be interesting. Boasting more accents than the cafeteria at the United Nations, a scenery chewing performance by a thoroughly de-glammed Nicole Kidman and enough sweat to fill a sauna, the first trailer for the film is here and it' we said, interesting.

As you know by know, the film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival where many reviews were very, very unkind to the picture (including our own), while other critical corners declared it as some sort of camp classic. Either way opinions will be flying high about "The Paperboy" no matter how you slice it. Based on the book by Pete Dexter, the story that follows Ward James (Matthew McConaughey), a respected journalist, and his brother Jack (Zac Efron), a college dropout, investigating the possible wrongful conviction of a death row inmate (John Cusack) who was found guilty of killing the town’s sheriff in Florida. Straightfoward, right? Well, Kidman pees on Efron at some point during the movie and with all the split screens going on this trailer, we have no idea what to expect, though while watching this, we wanted to give the entire cast a glass of water. They look parched.

After all the chatter at Cannes, did this trailer deliver what you expected? Were critics too harsh? Let us know. "The Paperboy" opens on October 5th.