Before I Go To Sleep

The elusive nature of memory can certainly be good fodder for drama. The idea of things remembered, forgotten or selectively recalled motivating the actions of a character is rich territory, but unfortunately, it doesn't really seem to be put to good effect in the forthcoming "Before I Go To Sleep," even when navigated by a cast like this.

Nicole Kidman, Colin Firth and Mark Strong are the leading trio in this Ridley Scott-produced thriller that follows a woman with an unusual problem: every time she goes to sleep, she wakes up with total amnesia, unable to remember anything about her life. Could a therapist be the one to lead her back to a normal life? Is her husband hiding dark secrets? Guess we'll see, but outside of the concept, this looks like standard genre fare at best.

"Before I Go To Sleep" opens on September 12th. Watch below. [EW/Empire]

Before I Go To Sleep Poster