Noomi Rapace Rolling Stones

So yeah, The Rolling Stones creaked into their 50th year in 2012, and the old dudes are still cranking it out. They're lining up some gigs, and also dropped the absurdly named GRRR!, another greatest hits disc that also features two new songs for you completists out there. And of course, a new video has arrived to try and prove they've still got it.

"Doom And Gloom," helmed by Jonas Akerlund (who previously directed "Rain Falls Down" for the band), rounds up Noomi Rapace and puts her into a variety of different outfits, locations and scenes for a video we don't quite understand. At one moment she's killing zombies, in another she's topless and rolling around in filth, and in another she's dressed up like a clown (we think...) eating fast food. Huh? Is this about...consumerism? Is it an ironic statement on the Rolling Stones money machine? We have no idea.

Anyway, give it a whirl below. And duh, it's NSFW. [Stereogum]