Oscar Speeches 2013

Despite what whoever was pressing the "Jaws" theme button last night believes, the highlights of the annual Academy Awards tend not to be the montages and dance numbers, but the speeches. It's the moment where an actor or artist is rewarded by their peers, and thanks the Academy with wit, graciousness, charm, enormous egotism, or perhaps a bit of all the above.

We're going to be covering last night's Academy Awards all day here at The Playlist, but to get you started, in case you missed the ceremony, below you'll find the major speeches of the night, from Ben Affleck and Grant Heslov accepting Best Picture, to Michael Haneke taking Best Foreign Film. The quality isn't great right now, but we'll update as soon as official/better versions become available. Which was your favorite?  

Ben Affleck

Ang Lee

Daniel Day-Lewis

Jennifer Lawrence

Christoph Waltz

Anne Hathaway

Chris Terrio

Quentin Tarantino

Michael Haneke