Therese Oscar Isaac Elizabeth Olsen

This winter we'll be seeing two different sides to Oscar Isaac: first as a folk singer continually on the edge of fame and just barely shuffling through life, and then, as a sexually charged young man who physically and emotionally saves the life of a young woman trapped in an empty marriage. And in both, things don't quite end the way you expect.

The first trailer has arrived for "In Secret" (formerly known as "Therese") and it easily lays out the drama ahead. Based on the classic novel by Emile Zola, the story centers on Therese (Olsen), an orphaned girl taken under the wing of her aunt (Jessica Lange), and married to her sickly cousin (a pale and frequently sweaty Tom Felton). Together they all move to the big city where Therese meets the dashing Laurent (Isaac), and soon corsets are unbuttoned, and cravats are unfurled. And the resulting movie is pretty predictable. We called it "respectable and formal" out of TIFF, but nothing special either.

"In Secret" opens on February 21, 2014. Watch below.