Paul W.S. Anderson

Say what you will about his movies—and critics have—but Paul W.S. Anderson knows how to cut action scenes. And you might be surprised to learn of the thought and care he puts into crafting his spectacles. "Quite often filmmakers have to create excitement through fast editing and sound because actually what they’ve captured isn’t really that exciting," he recently told Vulture. "I’m very involved in building the action sequences in my film, coming up with the ideas, rehearsing them. So it’s a holistic approach to action. I don’t just turn up with cameras on the day and shoot it."

And so that's what he did for Volkswagen with this new ad, a parody on the very kinds of movies he makes. Taking a slight nod to "Speed" (and every movie that has ever featured a car chase), the sequence finds a convict hijacking a bus with a dapper man in a Volkswagen trying to make a daring rescue. The problem? The car's safe distance technology. It's clever stuff and if you thought Paul W.S. Anderson didn't have a sense of humor about action movies, this will correct that. Watch below. [HeyUGuys]