Nurse 3D

Here is a rather shocking development that will truly upend the entire world as you know it: Paz De La Huerta is taking off her clothes in a movie. Of course, if you already live on planet Earth, you already know the former "Boardwalk Empire" actress has no problem strutting around in next to nothing or sometimes entirely nothing, and she certainly flaunts what she's got in "Nurse 3D."

And that might be the only reason anybody might pay attention to this otherwise phenomenally terrible-looking horror movie about—you guessed it—a sexy evil nurse who does lots of bad stuff. However, Katrina Bowden is the only one who notices her evil deeds and no one will believe her, etc., etc., you've seen this movie half a dozen times already. Oh, but in case it matters, all those boobs and blood will be in 3D, so hooray?

"Nurse 3D" opens on February 7, 2014. Watch below, and it's safe for work as long as your boss doesn't mind lots of lingerie.