Penelope Cruz Super Mario skip crop

Well, here are two talents lending their skills to two products in a couple of surprising ads. Video games and chocolate candy will never be the same.

First up, following their spring ad with featured four-legged "The Artist" star Uggie, Nintendo have unveiled a new spot with Penelope Cruz and her sister Monica for Nintendo 3DS. For the most part, this one-minute spot is pretty dry with the Cruz gals pretending like they've actually played "Super Mario Bros 2." But watch until the end so you can witness Penelope giving Bob Hoskins a run for his money as the red shirt and overalls-wearing Mario. Is it weird that we're still attracted to her even with a moustache?

Meanwhile, Bennett Miller has gone back behind the camera and followed up his box office and awards season-contending "Moneyball" with...a commercial for M&Ms. It's a pretty straightforward little spot, and it features Latino actor William Levy who is apparently a very big deal to some folks. Anyway, if we didn't tell you so, you probably wouldn't have realized it was helmed by anyone of note. But it's probably a good way for the director to earn some quick cash. Watch both below. [THR/Stimulant]