Amazing Spider-Man

Coming between "Prometheus" and "The Dark Knight Rises," and with "The Avengers" already setting a tremendously high bar for comic book films to reach, Sony's "The Amazing Spider-Man" is in an unenviable position. Early buzz has been lukewarm, and certainly the excitement behind this reboot can't match anything approaching the anticipation for the aforementioned films. So with a few more weeks to go until it hits theaters, it looks like Sony is just gonna bombard everyone with stuff from the movie in the hopes that something sticks.

Two more clips have landed online, and they're notable for being kind of nondescript. In the first, our hero, played by Andrew Garfield, gets into a minor verbal tete-a-tete with Rhys Ifans' one-armed Dr. Curt Connors about Science Stuff. In the latter, Spider-Man goes on the run from the cops in a pretty routine sequence that sees him comically bumping into a bus and leaping over a cab to the typical New Yawk response and mild amusement. Frankly, a lot of this feels kind of reheated, but it's in 3D so it will be totally amazeballs right?

We'll find out soon enough. "The Amazing Spider-Man" arrives on July 3rd. [HitFix]