The Master Philip Seymour Hoffman

With Paul Thomas Anderson's "The Master" set to make its official world premire in Venice on Saturday, The Weinstein Company continue their remarkable push for the enigmatic film, and in a week that has already seen a new trailer and clip, now comes a brand new TV spot that offers up even more footage from the movie, along with some stuff you've seen already.

This time around, it's Philip Seymour Hoffman who takes center stage, proclaiming to his audience that he has found a secret, namely the source of all creation. It's the kind of thing you wouuld expect to hear from somebody who is running their own religion, but as the brief 30-second spot bears out, some think he's headed down the path of becoming a cult leader, while others just think he's making up the whole thing. And between it all is the troubled Freddie Quell, played by Joaquin Phoenix, who wants to find out what the actual truth is.

Just a couple weeks to go folks before it hits theaters on September 14th. Watch below.