Daniel Day-Lewis Lincoln

Now, this is more like it. While the DreamWorks marketing team continues to try to get a handle on how to present Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln" (memo: those live tech talks on faded social networks aren't working), they definitely nailed it with this new extended TV spot (which is essentially a new trailer) for the film.

Fiery, impassioned and rightly putting Daniel Day-Lewis front and center, this new spot immediately diminishes whatever doubts we may have had after that first, wishy-washy, John Williams soaked trailer last month. While Obama and Romney duked it out, this spot unspooled, emphasizing that no president has had it easy, and when it came to abolishing slavery, Lincoln faced an uphill battle all the way. DDL looks like the Oscar contender he's always been shaping up to be, while the supporting cast -- particularly Tommy Lee Jones, David Strathairn and Sally Field -- look very good as well. Our only worry is that this might be the movie equivalent of watching a handsomely staged and much more interesting debate, but again, it's hard to get nuance in the space of two minutes.

Did this trailer turn you around on the movie? What do you think of "Lincoln" now? And how come Obama didn't drop that 47% thing into his debate? Let us know below.