Film Showcase 2014

We're just days away from ringing in the New Year and as proof that movie marketing never stops, Sony will be using the opportunity to show off new footage from "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" on video screens in Times Square (don't worry, it'll be online too). So yes, 2014 won't be short of blockbusters, sequels, franchises, comedies and big screen spectacles - and here's an early preview of what's to come.

Hayden Vartiainen has put together a four-minute video highlighting some of the big movies coming in 2014. No, you won't find arthouse or indie fare in here since trailers for those kinds of things mostly haven't arrived yet, but it is a decent guide to the kind of fare that will be invading your multiplex across the next 12 months. Click below to check it out. [Reddit]