Raid 2

Some of the most acclaimed, dramatic and ambitious films of 2014 are coming to the Sundance Film Festival in a few weeks. Pictures that may be future Oscar contenders, with rising actors and talents to watch for in years to come. And while that's nice, sometimes you just want to sit down and watch something that's down, dirty and right to the point. Enter: "The Raid 2." Garth Evans' followup to his cult hit "The Raid" is here. And while the stakes are higher, the blood is still red.

The new, full length trailer for the sequel is has arrived and it aims for the operatic. A quiet, classical music composed first half sets up the plot—Rama is going undercover to find more baddies—before unleashing lots of punching, kicking and dudes getting thrown around and beat the hell up. Guys, it's "The Raid 2." Did you expect any less?

Can't make it to Sundance? Don't worry. Sony Pictures Classics and Stage 6 Films are dropping this in theaters on March 28, 2014. Watch the trailer below.